Charease Davis is the Total Woman! She is the Confidence Expert, Self-Love Ambassador, Happiness Curator and Thought Healer. Through life’s experiences, she has learned to think Higher and live Happier. She has committed her life to helping others heal and experience unconditional love and happiness, through transforming their thoughts and healing their mind. 


As the Creator of Total Woman, she facilitates healing for women through positive transformational living, guided by thoughts that are grounded in love, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude. Being a Total Woman is about finding happiness and freedom in all of life’s experiences. Charease believes, as a woman, we heal when we share our lives and realize how connected our journeys are. It is a reminder that we are sisters and we need each other. When a woman heals, she is able to offer that to her family, her community and everyone she comes in contact with. Charease has learned first-hand how important it is to give back to her community.

She believes that every person has the power to manifest the life they’ve always imagined. Charease is no stranger to tragedy but has learned to create something beautiful in all of life’s seeming chaos. In 2013 Charease experienced divorce, the loss of her mother, unemployment, homelessness and thoughts of suicide within just a few months. She was 29 at the time with her 5-year-old daughter, Zoe. Charease’s faith in this time reminded her of how powerful gratitude is. She believes gratitude saved her life. With all that seemed to be going wrong, Charease was reminded of all the beautiful things around her that she hadn’t loss. Over the next 90 days she intentionally shifted her thoughts from fear and loss to thoughts of love without conditions. This powerful transition in her thinking changed her life forever. Her resilience and perseverance have served her well and have helped her to remember that in the end love always wins.


Charease is also the author of 52 Thoughts for Higher Living, released June 2017.


Charease is a keynote speaker and uses her platform to facilitate workshops, clarity and thought healing session, 90 day customized thought healing experiences, retreats and curate group discussions.


She’s Charismatic Leader, A Highly Motivated Entrepreneur, A Leader of Transition, An Innovator of Service, and one who Creates Strategies to Mandate Change!

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